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ITHit.FileSystem Namespace

IT Hit User File System
This namespace contains classes and interfaces for creating user file systems that are supported cross-platform.
Public classBlockedException
Thrown in case of a file is blocked and can not be updated.
Public classConflictException
Thrown in case of a conflict between remote storage and user file system.
Public classEngine
Represents custom user file system. Listens to OS file system calls and executes custom user interfcaces methods when data is required.
Public classEngineStateChangeEventArgs
Event state change argument. Contains previous Engine state and a new Engine state.
Public classEngineErrorEventArgs
Event error argument. Contains exception rised by the IEngine instance or by the user code.
Public classEngineMessageEventArgs
Event message argument. Contains the IEngine instance informational message.
Public classExistsException
Thrown in case of a file or folder exists and can not be overwritten.
Public classFileSystemItemPropertyData
Represents a file property to be displayed in file manager.
Public classFileSystemStatusException
Represents an error in the file system. Throw this exception to report error to operating system.
Public classInvalidLicenseException
Exception that indicates that the license is invalid.
Public interfaceIConfirmationResultContext
Used to confirm move and delation of files and folders in user file system.
Public interfaceIEngine
Represents custom user file system. Listens to OS file system calls and calls user interfaces implementations when data is required.
Public interfaceIFile
Represents a file in the user file system.
Public interfaceIFileBasicInfo
Represents basic information about a file in user file system. In addition to properties provided by the IFileSystemItemBasicInfo provides the Length property.
Public interfaceIFileSystemItem
Represents a file or a folder in a user file system. Contains methods common for both files and folders. Allowes file and folder manipulation such as moving and delateing.
Public interfaceIFileSystemItemBasicInfo
Represents a basic information about a file or a folder in a user file system, such as name, creation and modification date, etc.
Public interfaceCode exampleIFolder
Represents a folder in the user file system. In addition to metods provided by IFileSystemItem provides GetChildrenAsync(String, IOperationContext, IFolderListingResultContext) method for enumerating this folder content.
Public interfaceIFolderBasicInfo
Represents basic information about a folder in user file system.
Public interfaceIFolderListingResultContext
Used to return list of files and folders from GetChildrenAsync(String, IOperationContext, IFolderListingResultContext) call.
Public interfaceILogger
Represents file system logger.
Public interfaceIOperationContext
Provides information about the environment.
Public interfaceIResultContext
Provides methods for reporting operation progress and reporting status to the platform.
Public interfaceITransferDataOperationContext
Public interfaceITransferDataResultContext
Public interfaceIValidateDataOperationContext
Public interfaceIValidateDataResultContext
Used to return results of validation of the integrity of placeholder data from ValidateDataAsync(Int64, Int64, IValidateDataOperationContext, IValidateDataResultContext) call.
Public delegateEngineStateChangedEventHandler
State change event delegate.
Public delegateEngineErrorEventHandler
Error event delegate.
Public delegateEngineMessageEventHandler
Message event delegate.
Public enumerationEngineState
Indicates if the Engine is running, stopping or in stopped state.
Public enumerationModified
Indicates if the file or folder is modified in the remote storage or in user file system.