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IFileReadAsync Method

IT Hit User File System
Transfers data from remote sorage to the user file system.

Namespace:  ITHit.FileSystem
Assembly:  ITHit.FileSystem (in ITHit.FileSystem.dll) Version: 3.3.9602.0
Task ReadAsync(
	Stream output,
	long offset,
	long length,
	ITransferDataOperationContext operationContext,
	ITransferDataResultContext resultContext


Type: System.IOStream
Stream to write the file content to.
Type: SystemInt64
File content offset, in bytes, to start reading from.
Type: SystemInt64
Data length to read, in bytes.
Type: ITHit.FileSystemITransferDataOperationContext
Provides additional parameters for this operation and information about the environment.
Type: ITHit.FileSystemITransferDataResultContext
Context for returning data to the platform and reporting operation progress and status.

Return Value

Type: Task

Called, when the file content should be transfetred from the remote torage to the user file system. For example when the file should be hydrated.

Writing to to the output stream provides maximum performance when done with 4KB-aligned blocks of data (except for the final block of the file). If not aligned blockes are written, the data will be automatically alligned to 4Kb.


The code below is part of 'VirtualFileSystem' C# sample provided with the SDK.

public async Task ReadAsync(Stream output, long offset, long length, ITransferDataOperationContext operationContext, ITransferDataResultContext resultContext)
    // On Windows this method has a 60 sec timeout. 
    // To process longer requests and reset the timout timer call the resultContext.ReportProgress() or resultContext.ReturnData() method.

    Logger.LogMessage($"{nameof(IFile)}.{nameof(ReadAsync)}({offset}, {length})", UserFileSystemPath);

    SimulateNetworkDelay(length, resultContext);

    await using (FileStream stream = System.IO.File.OpenRead(RemoteStoragePath))
        stream.Seek(offset, SeekOrigin.Begin);
        const int bufferSize = 0x500000; // 5Mb. Buffer size must be multiple of 4096 bytes for optimal performance.
        await stream.CopyToAsync(output, bufferSize, length);
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