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ITHit.FileSystem.Windows Namespace

IT Hit User File System
This namespace contains classes and interfaces for creating user file systems that are supported on Windows OS only.
Public classAutoCadFilter
Filters AutoCAD operations that should not be synced to the remote storage.
Public classChangeEventItem
Item desctiption supplied for each item during the change event in ItemsChangeEventArgs.
Public classClientLockFailedException
Thrown when a file or folder is blocked for create/update/lock/unlock operation from another thread when calling methods of the IClientNotificationsWindows interface.
Public classCloudFileStatusExtension
Extends CloudFileStatus with additional methods.
Public classCustomDataExtensions
Provides methods for getting and setting content eTag and metadata eTag associated with a file or folder.
Public classEngineWindows
Represents Windows user file system.
Public classErrorStatusFilter
Filters update operations for items that has error status.
Public classFileDataSizeInfo
Contains information about number of bytes on disk, number of bytes in-sync with the remote storage and not in-sync with the remote storage.
Public classFileSystemFilter
Public classHydrationSync
Hydration and dehydration service.
Public classIncomingPoolingSync
Pooling synchronization.
Public classItemsChangeEventArgs
Item change event argument. Contains information about the event and item data.
Public classMsOfficeFilter
Filters Microsoft Office operations that should not be synced to the remote storage.
Public classOutgoingSync
User File System to Remote Storage synchronization.
Public classPlaceholderFile
Represents a file placeholder in Windows file system.
Public classPlaceholderFolder
Represents a folder placeholder in Windows file system.
Public classPlaceholderItem
Represents a placeholder file or placeholder folder in the user file system.
Public classPlaceholders
Represents placeholders in the user file system.
Public classStatusException
Thrown in case of a fetching/hydration error.
Public classStreamCopy
Stream helper functions.
Public classSyncService
Performs synchronization.
Public classWindowsFileSystemItem
Represents windows file system file or folder. Provides functions that are not available via .NET API.
Public classZipFilter
Filters zip archiver operations that should not be synced to the remote storage.
Public structureProcessInfo
Contains information about a user process.
Public interfaceIClientNotifications
Represents client messages that must be to be sent to the remote storage, such as lock and unlock commands.
Public interfaceIFileSystemItemWindows
Represents a file or a folder in a user file system on Windows platform.
Public interfaceIFileWindows
Represents a file in the user file system on Windows platform. Provides additiona methods specific to Windows only.
Public interfaceIFolderWindows
Represents a folder in the user file system on Windows platform.
Public interfaceIMenuCommandWindows
Represents context menu command.
Public interfaceIWindowsMoveContext
Provides additional parameters for move operation on Windows platform.
Public interfaceIWindowsOperationContext
Provides additional information about the operation on Windows OS.
Public enumerationFileAttributesExt
File attributes required for cloud files management.
Public enumerationFolderControlFlags
The flags that control the folder operations.
Public enumerationFolderOperation
Handled folder operations.
Public enumerationPlaceholderState
The state of a placeholder file or folder.