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ChangeEventItem Class

IT Hit User File System
Item desctiption supplied for each item during the change event in ItemsChangeEventArgs.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  ITHit.FileSystem.Windows
Assembly:  ITHit.FileSystem.Windows (in ITHit.FileSystem.Windows.dll) Version: 8.1.26727.0-Beta2
public class ChangeEventItem

The ChangeEventItem type exposes the following members.

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Public fieldItemType
Item type - file or folder. Null if type can not be determined.
Public fieldMetadata
Metadata of the item that is being created, updated or moved. Null for delete operation or if event occurred at the time when metadata is unavailable.
Public fieldNewPath
Target file path. Provided only in case of Move and MoveCompletion operation. Null for all other operations.
Public fieldPath
File system item path. For creation, population, update and delete operation this is an item path. For move operation this is the source path.
Public fieldProperties
Data associated with this item.
Public fieldRemoteStorageItemId
Remote storage item ID which uniquely identifies file or folder withing your user file system.
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