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IServerNotificationsMoveToAsync Method

IT Hit User File System
Moves a file or folder on this virtual drive.

Namespace:  ITHit.FileSystem
Assembly:  ITHit.FileSystem (in ITHit.FileSystem.dll) Version: 3.3.9602.0
Task<bool> MoveToAsync(
	string userFileSystemNewPath


Type: SystemString
New path in user file system.

Return Value

Type: TaskBoolean
True if the file was moved. False - otherwise, for example if the item does not exist in the user file system.

Call this method from your remote storage monitor when a file or folder is moved in the remote storage.

This method failes if the file or folder in user file system is modified (not in sync with the remote storage) or if the target file exists.

Because of the on-demand loading, the item that is being moved may not exist in the user file system. In this case the item will not be moved and this method will return false.

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