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EngineLogError Method

IT Hit User File System
Rises the Error event.

Namespace:  ITHit.FileSystem
Assembly:  ITHit.FileSystem (in ITHit.FileSystem.dll) Version: 3.3.9602.0
public virtual void LogError(
	string message,
	string sourcePath = null,
	string targetPath = null,
	Exception ex = null,
	IOperationContext operationContext = null


Type: SystemString
Error description to be passed in Message property to Error event handler.
sourcePath (Optional)
Type: SystemString
Path in user file system to the file or folder that caused the error.
targetPath (Optional)
Type: SystemString
Path to the target file or folder path in case of move of rename.
ex (Optional)
Type: SystemException
Exception to be passed in Exception property to Error event handler.
operationContext (Optional)
Type: ITHit.FileSystemIOperationContext
Provides information about the environment.


ILoggerLogError(String, String, String, Exception, IOperationContext)
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